((OOC: I feel like such a bad person for not tending to this blog again, But this summer I got a job and stuff so i’m working most of the week, and when I’m not working im spending time with my grandma who is gonna die soon which im okay with, just my dad is all like ‘Omg lets drive 3 hours every weekend blabla’ and it’s kinda annoying and I have no time for personal junk. But I swear, one day I will stop drowning myself in Anime and Manga and stop working to actually do something with this blog, I still care about all of you))

I have cleaned out my inbox, some messages didn’t show up tho. Anyway send me an ask and I’ll try to answer them this weekend :)

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Noooo! I don’t wanna go to my room! it smells like cheese!

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((OOC: I know this is very random but I (The owner of this blog) just got a V.I.P ticket to a Five Finger Death Punch concert in Connecticut on Sept.28th, And I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is going to that show and would like to meet up there because i’m going alone and i’m scared! I know like no one following this blog cares but I just need a concert buddy!))

Well…thank you anon!

((Okay okay thanks for responding guys. But last night I did a livestream and no one saw it because tumblr wouldn’t post my posts! So go on my actual blog page to see the posts that I made yesterday, THANKS TUMBLR I LOVE YOU TOO))

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((MY TUMBLR ISN’T POSTING THINGS WHATS GOING ON?!…maybe this post will get through..?))

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((Livestream is over! But I think Tumblr won’t show my posts…this is weird..))

Pretty swaggy right? Top that Joey!

~Done in Livestream~


Livestreaming now ~ http://new.livestream.com/accounts/3052576

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Livestream at 7:10PM

((OOC: I will be livestreaming here~ http://new.livestream.com/accounts/3052576 ~

At 7:10pm, I am very nervous but that’s usual for me! I will be short, maybe just one ask or two I don’t know, but I already have outlines done for one so i’ll probably just line it then color it cuz swag!  Thanks guys ^__^ ))

Livestream UPDATE:

((OOC: So tomorrow is my last day of school, then SUMMER, then I go up to high school! Yes I’m a little fetus. But I did get a tablet cord. So this Saturday I think I might try to do a Livestream, I hope. So I might just answer the questions in my inbox in the stream unless you guys ask more questions! I dunno! Anyway, love you guys!))

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Hello little fellas! Well…If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that this blog has lots and lots of technical problems, broken tablet cords, broken computer, broken Photoshop and broken everything…well lets just say that my tablet cord broke….again…for like the 500,000th time…BUT GOOD NEWS ONCE I GET A NEW ONE I SHALL LIVESTREAM, YES, LIVESRTEAM. I have a few questions in my ask box (like 3) so I’ll answer those in the stream. I don’t know when I will get a new cord but hopefully soon! Thanks guys, I don’t know why I always have technical probs all the time…))